phoneboy press photo

Indie-rock band Phoneboy is full of playful angst and DIY charm.

Phoneboy started playing local gigs around Hoboken, NJ, to revitalize Stevens Institute of Technology’s less-than-huge indie scene. Now, they’ve played their bangers on stages across the. U.S.

Founding members Ricky Dana and Wyn Barnum met at Stevens, and bass player James Fusco is a childhood friend of Barnum’s. Phoneboy has also worked closely and frequently with several artists, including Jordan Torres and Justin Magnaye.

Phoneboy’s self-titled EP includes ten indie rock tracks. The most streamed of the bunch is “1987,” which has earned upwards of three million Spotify listens. Other faves include “Hey, Kid!” and “Nevermind (feat. Justin Magnaye).”

With loyal fans to back them, Phoneboy’s future sparkles and shines. But until Phoneboy releases their next record, you might be looking for more fresh bands just like them. 

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