Rina Sawayama, the Japanese / British pop sensation, stunned fans in 2020 with her self titled album Sawayama. This no-skip album features Rina’s powerful vocals over music that pays homage to early 2000s pop with a modern twist. Sawayama’s heartfelt lyrics discuss themes of identity and self-discovery, which come together to create a powerful masterpiece of an album.

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Rina Sawayama recently released two singles “This Hell” and “Catch Me In the Air”, which will form part of her upcoming album Hold the Girl. These singles branch out from the streamlined style of Sawayama, though they are still unmistakably Rina. If you need some new artists to listen to while waiting for her new album… 

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Is Rina Sawayama Famous In Japan?

Though Rina is signed to Dirty Hit, a UK based label, her fame continues to grow around the world. In her home country of Japan, Rina was part of Vogue Japan’s “Women of the Year” 2019, as well as part of Spotify Japan’s 2020 curated collection.

Along with the release of Sawayama, Rina put out a Japanese language video introducing herself and her work. Rina Sawayama is also popular in many other countries: her top Spotify listeners are from the UK, the US, Brazil, and Poland. 

Is Rina Sawayama Hyperpop?

Many fans dispute over whether Rina Sawayama’s music counts as Hyperpop. Though she uses a maximalist pop style with an edgy flare, Sawayama also takes inspiration from metal and rock in songs such as “STFU!” and her cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”. 

Her standalone vocals are powerful with minimal digital editing, and some of her songs take the form of more pared-down traditional pop ballads that focus on vocals and lyrics. Lady Gaga describes Sawayama as 

“An experimental pop visionary who refuses to play by the rules”.  

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