Daniel Prakopcyk

Daniel Prakopcyk

If you haven’t listened to ROLE MODEL yet, you 100% should. Tucker Pillsbury aka ROLE MODEL makes Indie Pop music that’ll make you wanna drive with all the windows or fall in love. With every song, listeners can hear a bit of flair that gives his love songs a bit of edge to them, reaching a broader audience. 

ROLE MODEL released his debut album Rx in April, which featured singles like “if Jesus saves, she’s my type” and “neverletyougo”. He has also previously released EPs such as, our little angel (2020), oh, how perfect (2019), and his self-produced EP, ARIZONA IN THE SUMMER (2017).

Here are 9 artists who should just like ROLE MODEL

Dreamer Boy
Souly Had
Alexander 23
Peach Tree Rascals
Claire Rosinkranz

ROLE MODEL’s most famous song is “blind”, racking in nearly 84,000,000 streams on Spotify and the music video has over 3,000,000 views on YouTube. Fans believed this song to be about his relationship with YouTuber Emma Chamberlain before the two had confirmed their relationship. 

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