Julien Sage 

Julien Sage 

Nevada native Indie Rock band Surf Curse has been on the music scene since 2013 but only more recently came into the public eye after their song “Freaks,” released in 2013, blew up on TikTok

Surf Curse makes music that sounds like it would be the perfect soundtrack to a teen movie about your life. With every song, Surf Curse can transport listeners with its hypnotic sound; every song is filled with life. Luckily fans will be able to experience new music from them on September 16th, with the release of their fourth album, Magic Hour.

The freeing feeling you experience when listening to a band like Surf Curse is hard to copy but not impossible. Just like Surf Curse, these ten artists will be sure to make you feel alive! 

10 Artists Similar to Surf Curse 

Current Joys
Joy Again
The Drums
Beach Goons
Teen Suicide
Beach Fossils

Where Did Surf Curse Get Their Name? 

Originally named Buffalo 66, Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck renamed the band after a Brady Bunch episode and the lo-fi rock that was taking indie culture by storm. 

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