Brett Lloyd

Brett Lloyd

Breaking out into the Alternative/Indie music scene in 2013 with their debut album The 1975, the band of the same name had hits such as “Girls” and “Chocolate”, which took Tumblr by storm. Since then, it’s been nothing but nonstop success for the British group. They’ve had released three other albums since and are releasing their highly anticipated fifth studio album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language on October 14 of this year. 

Between the whimsical style and masterful lyrics, with each album The 1975 is constantly evolving not only their sound but the aesthetic of the band as well, with each album being a new phase.

I believe this to be one of the many reasons that not only myself, but many others find themselves to be fans of the band, just like we as people are evolving, so is their music. Just like The 1975, these 10 artists will be sure to keep you on your toes for whatever song or album they have to come. 

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