Alex Justice

Alex Justice

If you haven’t heard of Indie Rock band The Backseat Lovers chances are you’ve heard their very successful debut album When We Were Friends. The album includes fan favorites, “Kilby Girl”, “Pool House”, and “Maple Syrup”. 

After 2020, the band went on a bit of a sabbatical, but they’re back and they haven’t missed a beat. They dropped singles “Growing/Dying” and “Slowing Down”, almost sending a message to fans that the band won’t be dying and they aren’t slowing down now.  

There is a subtle softness and vulnerability to the edgy sound of The Backseat Lovers. When it comes to Indie Rock music it can be hard for a band to find that happy medium, it can often to all or nothing. Feeling the angst within the music is one thing and feeling it within the lyrics is another, making them work together is where fans really can connect to what they are listening to. Luckily, these 10 artists will be sure to make that connection as well. 

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