If you were anywhere near a dancefloor back in 2006, chances are you heard Audion‘s soaring Mouth to Mouth at some point – such was the impact of Matthew Dear’s long-form classic, released on Spectral Sound, that it was heard everywhere from London’s Fabric to Ibiza’s DC10 and all points in between.

Radio Slave has just given the track the remix treatment, and a new Radio Slave vs Audion version is set to land on Rekids on 27 October.

As well as a digital release, a five-track vinyl release also features a variety of DJ tools based on aspects of the track.

Radio Slave recently included the track in a set that he recorded at the infamous HÖR Berlin studios, check it out at around the half hour mark.

“I’ll always remember the first time I heard Mouth To Mouth,” commented Radio Slave, aka Matt Edwards. “It was September 2006, and I was partying with friends in Berghain at a Cadenza party. Luciano was playing upstairs in the Panorama Bar to a packed dance floor, and I had one of those “what the f**k is this” moments when he dropped ‘Mouth To Mouth’. It just sounded so unique and absolutely destroyed the dance floor, and I left the club thinking I need this record.

“To me, ‘Mouth To Mouth’ always sounded like a disco record. It’s like Matthew took ‘Funky Town to Detroit’, and I wanted to create a version that had that vibe, modern and with a rich analogue sound, so the entire track was recorded using hardware. I added vocals, and it’s already been great fun road-testing this at the club where I first heard “Mouth To Mouth” 17 years ago.”

Radio Slave vs Audion – Mouth To Mouth is released on Rekids on 27 October 2023.

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