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Baby Audio’s continues to port its product catalog to iPad and iPhone (AUv3 + Standalone App). The latest port is their new parallel compression plugin IHNY-2.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to craft professional-sounding mixes while you’re sitting in the subway, eating dinner, or chilling on your couch, you might want to add our hardest-hitting plugin yet to your App arsenal. 

Still prefer desktop? That’s great too! 

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But allow me to go off on a tangent for a second: Isn’t it amazing that you can now carry professional-grade gear in your pocket? Of course, whether or not there’s a use case for it is a personal matter, but I find it fascinating that it’s even possible. 

Baby Audio will be “desktop first” for a long time to come, but they find a lot of joy in seeing their products work so seamlessly on small, portable devices.

IHNY-2 iOS is free with in-app purchases. The free version offers a fully-functional AUv3 plugin, just without the “Tweak Panel” and presets. 

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