BandLab ( has announced the launch of BandLab Licensing, a new program available for its expansive global community of over 60 million music creators.

A first-of-its-kind offering for a music creation platform, BandLab Licensing empowers its vast and musically diverse user base worldwide, granting creators unparalleled avenues to monetize their music while maintaining complete artistic autonomy. At its core, BandLab Licensing is a turnkey solution for one-stop licensing, offering synchronization for mediums such as film, TV, games, and advertising. Additionally, it extends streaming licenses to platforms seeking fresh and distinctive rights-cleared content. With BandLab Licensing, musicians can unlock the potential to have their music featured on their preferred platforms and beloved shows, not only elevating their exposure but also bolstering their earnings and fan base. 

BandLab Licensing builds upon the success of ReverbNation’s Sync Licensing program, which has facilitated thousands of licensing placements for its artists and attracted top-tier brands like Toyota, GEICO, Starbucks, SiriusXM, and CBS. It has also secured onscreen placements on the award-winning show Reservation Dogs, Disney+’s The Clauses, CW’s The Flash, WWE Raw, and others.

“The launch of BandLab Licensing marks a significant milestone in the expansion of offerings available to BandLab users,” said Meng Ru Kuok, CEO & Co-founder of BandLab Technologies. “It not only opens up new revenue streams for our creators and a new at-scale partner for the music supervisor and licensee community but also strengthens our purpose to democratize and grow the value of music creation worldwide. With BandLab Licensing, our users’ music becomes the soundtrack to the world’s creative, consumption, and connection experiences.”

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