When it comes to absolute sound quality, there’s no denying that Bang & Olufsen makes some of the best earbuds around. Immerse yourself in pure sound. Noise-cancelling earphones with 6 built-in microphones, for clear calls and authentic audio.

We all lead rather hectic lives at the best of times and sometimes (or most of the times in all honesty) we all want to immerse ourselves in some music and take a moment away from reality. The true adaptive active noise cancellation compensates for background noise while the snug, in-ear fit passively reduces disturbances too.

Small and lightweight, Beoplay EQ in-ear headphones are comfortable enough to wear even when lying with your head on a pillow. Enjoy peace whenever you need it most or experience the true quality of your favourite trakcs without interruption.

Besides the obvious quality of these headphones they look pretty stunning too.

The headphones are priced at $399. You can find out more information HERE

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