Bar 25 Music is a Berlin-based music label that is a breath of shining light in an ever-crowded industry. Always putting their artists first and foremost, Bar 25’s iconic mix series and label platforms have garnered them a reputation for quality and quantity simultaneously. 

Their Starlight compilation series is one such outlet that features a small swath of talented artists from the house and techno scenes, and now it is back with a new edition. Starlights Vol. 4 has brought together artists who have become our regulars already, along with entirely new names for the label—featuring music created by thriving artists like Fake Mood, Dibi Dabo, Groove Shack, Acrobat, Thorsten Hammer.

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Fake Mood, DIBIDABO – Coconana 

The compilation starts with a bang with Fake Mood and DIBIDABO’s ‘Coconana.” 

This groove-centric track features the heavy use of bongos and layered rhythms to create an ever-evolving syncopation that cannot help but get you moving. Stuttered vocal-like effects pockmark the pockets of the groove, and full vocal chops are interlaced throughout the arrangement to keep things fresh and exciting. 

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