After eight long years, the witch queen returns with more drip than a drag show and higher octane than a Fast and Furious movie. Longtime fans will find this as no surprise and welcome home. For newcomers to the franchise, Bayonetta 3 will be a rollercoaster ride in the dark, moving fast with no idea what happens next- in the best way possible.

In the introductory cutscene, it’s a sunny Saturday in New York as a SEGA flag whips in the wind; a delivery man stacks a Nintendo box on top of another outside a storefront that has Platinumgame’s logo on the window, and Bayonetta’s friend Enzo yells, “You know how much shit I had to go through for this thing?” as he rips his baseball ticket in half with director Yusuke Miyata’s name on it. 

It’s a fun commentary on the collaborative effort that goes into game development like this that opens and sets the tone for what is about to be the most unapologetically Platinum game since Nier Automata. 

Like Enzo, rip up your expectations and come for the ride because you won’t be driving; Bayonetta will be.

Character action and hack-and-slash games over the years have primarily been a one-trick pony, get from point A to point B as stylishly as possible and get a high enough score to either pass to the next section or unlock new items. Essentially, a Tony Hawk game but with lots of punching instead of kickflips. Bayonetta 3, however, is much more than the easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master affair that usually accompanies the genre. 

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