The Beatport Group, the global leader in music for DJs, producers, and their fans, announced today the launch of their documentary film series, “Off The Record”, which provides unparalleled access into the lives and careers of some of the biggest names in electronic music. “Off The Record” provides a deeper understanding of industry luminaries at the forefront of the global DJ industry. 

For its very first project, Beatport is exploring the world of Ukrainian DJ Nastia in “Off the Record with Nastia,” a  film which follows the journey of the techno heavyweight as she navigates life after hearing the shocking news that her country has been invaded.

Viewers will get an inside look at the chaotic life of this international DJ come refugee, who after being forced to flee her beloved home and relocate to Amsterdam, is reunited with her daughter and mother back in Ukraine. Nastia discusses her continued ambition to raise money for her native country by touring.  Viewers get a front row seat for her performance at Printworks in London, witnessing Nastia’s uncompromising love of her job and relentless drive as a DJ even during difficult times.

Nastia discusses using her platform and voice to raise money and spread awareness about the situation in her homeland as well as her hopes for the future of her career and her country. In addition, the film looks at Nastia’s music career and life in Ukraine before the invasion, the backstory of how a small-town girl becomes a big-name headliner and a figurehead of a thriving nightlife scene which has been decimated.  

Nastia is just one example in a country of 44 million people who have had their lives drastically changed by war, but she is a passionate and prominent voice in electronic music with a large audience who is making a difference. 

“We are honored to showcase powerful stories of some of our community’s most prominent figures and it is an honor to kick off the series with Nastia. Beatport commends her bravery and public voice during a difficult political time and we hope that her touching story reaches a wider audience.” said Beatport’s CEO, Robb McDaniels. 

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