Behringer MonoPoly Review

As more intricate and complex softsynths hit the market, there seems to be a parallel uptick in analog gear, almost directly responding to the oversaturation of sound-design-heavy software in modern music. And no era of music is more well-known for its lush and warm analog gear than the 80s; the true wild west of analog gear and a decade paved the way for where dance music is today.

But snagging an original, vintage synth from that iconic era is next to impossible for those that have them rarely give them up, and if they do, it’s for the prettiest of pennies.

Luckily, a few hardware synths emulate the most popular gear of yesteryear, and Behringer’s MonoPoly is one of them. So let’s dive into how well it captures the essence of the 80s to find out if it’s the best synth for you this year. 

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