Australian-Icelandic producer Ben Frost will release a new album in March on Mute.

Scope Neglect is Frost’s sixth studio album and his first in seven years.

With Scope Neglect, Frost ventures into “new sonic territories,” we’re told. Across eight tracks, featuring collaborations with Greg Kubacki from Car Bomb and Liam Andrews of My Disco, Frost blends the intensity of metal with introspective, minimalist influences.

“It’s a journey of contrasts, where raw power meets ethereal delicacy,” Mute says, “narrated through Frost’s unique lens of cyclic themes, mathematical structures, and mythic storytelling.”

Frost’s artistic footprint extends beyond music to film, television, and opera. He released The Centre Cannot Hold, his last album, in 2017.


01. Lamb Shift
02. Chimera
03. The River Of Light And Radiation
04. 1993
05. Turning The Prism
06. Load Up On Guns, Bring Your Friends
07. Tritium Bath
08. Unreal In The Eyes Of The Dead

Scope Neglect LP is scheduled for March 1 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “The River Of Light And Radiation” in full via the player below and pre-order here.

Photo: Topper Komm

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