affordable monosynths

A Complex Patchbay Makes The Korg MS-20 A Truly-Unique Sounding Instrument

When it comes to producing rich warm basslines or speaking-shredding lead patches, analog monosynths will almost always be your best friend. And it’s because of this that most producers’ first synth is a monosynth.

And if you are looking to buy your first synth or are wanting for another piece of gear to add to your studio, you will quickly find that the majority of these synthesizers can cost you a pretty penny. And even still, not all of the top-level synths will even be right for your workflow and studio needs.

So we did the heavy lifting for you and put together our shortlist of favorite single-voice hardware synths that we love for bass, leads, effects, and everything that isn’t a chord. We also will explain how I personally use these synths in my own productions to maximize their potential in the studio.

Prices range across the board on these synths but rest assured they aren’t going to break the bank. So let’s dive into the list. 

Korg MS-20 Mini

affordable monosynths

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