Hardware synthesizers have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and many affluent producers want either the most advanced options for writing chord progressions or to reclaim lost nostalgia by utilizing the iconic polysynths that defined entire generations of music.

Either way, it seems more polysynths are expensive AF than affordable options. So what are we to do?

I decided to do you a favor and curate a list of my five favorite polysynths that won’t break the bank. Before we get too deep into the list, I will say that the majority of polysynths, on average, are more expensive than other monophonic options so if you’re looking to write. You will pay a bit more on average for your chord progression, pads, and other multi-voiced instruments using hardware.

But I promise it’s worth it, so let’s dive into our favorites.

ASM Hydrasynth Explorer Portable Polyphonic Synthesizer

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