best free compressor plugins

Compressors indeed are the swiss army knife of music production and mixing. Sure, on the surface, a compressor controls a sound’s dynamics, resulting in a fatter and more powerful sounding record. But there is so much more than a great compressor can do.

Well, that is to say, there are so many things that suitable compressors can do.

Need More Free Plugins For Vocal Processing? We Got You…

And there are a lot of terrible plugins out there that aren’t worth you even taking the time to download them onto your computer! So if you’re looking for a compressor, don’t trust just anyone or anything on the internet. If you’re looking for a fantastic compressor that is entirely free, the compressors on this list are the best compressor plugins available.

So let’s dive into what a compressor is before diving into the best free options for them.

What Does A Compressor Do In Music?

Compressors are tools for music production used to even out the levels of an audio signal. They allow you to control how loud the recording is, resulting in more audible, more professional-sounding recordings when appropriately used.

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