Bass & Guitar

The guitar is one of the oldest stringed instruments known to humanity. And as such, we are naturally drawn to its timbres and tones. But not every music producer can be a mastermind on the six-string, which can be frustrating when you want to tap into its timeless tonality to use in your productions.

So what options are there? Well, the majority of guitar VSTs and Kontakt Libraries out there can cost a fortune and usually only offer you a single style of guitar which can be frustrating for us music producers.

To save you time and headaches, we dug deep across the internet to find the best free alternatives for you to use in your productions. There is a unique free electric guitar, an excellent sampled guitar, and even a super impactful free electric guitar VST. If you’re looking for a free guitar tone of any kind, we did you a favor and found it.

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