Bijou Bass House Plugins

Producing bass house music is all about maximizing the impact of just a few dope elements in your track. And while it might seem like this compositional simplicity in many of the bass house tracks being released means that they are easy to produce, this couldn’t be further from the case.

So to celebrate the release of his latest track on the legendary Night Bass label, we invited BIJOU on to share which plugins he uses to achieve the minimal, warm, punchy, and groovy sonic character all of his releases have.

So let’s dive into the best plugins you can use to make amazing bass house tracks. 

Stream BIJOU’s Latest Single Below

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In a genre as saturated with copy-cats as the bass house scene can be, BIJOU has alone as one of the few producers who can transcend the tropes of the genre and sound authentic and unique in his own right.

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