Including vocals in your own productions and tracks can add so much to the end result. Because humans love the sound of the human voice, and using it in creative ways can be the single thing that makes your track stand out from the crowd. 

But vocals can also be extremely tricky to deal with. None knows this better than Factor Eight, who often uses his own vocals to add new depths of nuance and individuality to his amazing productions (many of these songs can in fact be found in a recent mix he did for Magnetic). 

So to celebrate the release of his latest record, we invited him to share his favorite tools to manipulate vocals in creative ways to achieve a singular and defining sound. 

The rest of the words are from Factor Eight

A Note From The Producer; Factor Eight

In my recent ‘A Voice’ series, I have been digitally contorting my voice to construct entire musical pieces. What may resemble familiar sounds (e.g. pads, leads, synths, horns, bass, drums, etc.) have indeed been derived from recordings of my voice.

This project began by accident while exploring new and unique methods of sound design, searching for a sonic palette that felt as authentic and true to my artistic voice as possible. The result was indeed a parallel to the ways that I would eventually express my story and challenges with bipolar disorder and its relationship to my music.

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