Wireless headphone technology has exploded in the past years, meaning it’s never been a better time to be an audiophile. Gone are the days where you need to perfectly dial in your listening environment or home theater system, because wireless headphones offer perfect listening on the go, at the gym, or working in the yard at home.

But not every wireless headphone is created equal which is why we have assembled the comprehensive list of the 7 best headphones every audiophile needs to know about this year. 


V-Moda XS Over-The-Ear Micro Headphones Deliver A Big Sound

V-Moda has long been a favorite of touring DJs and casual listeners alike; and for good reason. They’re sleek, sound great, and come with a suite of features that are hard to find amongst compatible models.

We Why Love It: The rechargeable battery, housed in the left ear cup, lasts an impressive twelve hours (which is two more than the industry standard) and its metallic and durable design is built for life on the road. 

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