Features of the Blackfire 500W Review

The Blackfire 500W Portable Power Station is the smaller of the two portable solutions from Blackfire currently available; they also make a 1500W available for $1299 that jumps up your juice considerably.

For most weekend warriors and those looking for a moderate amount of portable power, the 500W hits the sweet spot. It can be charged by a standard wall outlet or using the Blackfire 60W Solar Panels ($199/sold separately) in roughly 7-8 hours of good sunlight, making this a fantastic off-grid solution for those out for longer than a few days.

The battery features an easy-to-understand digital display that counts down your power usage using a timer and also lets you know how fast it’s charging, so you always can quickly see how much juice you have. The unit is 12 pounds and features a handle for easy porting.

Blackfire 500W Portable Power Station ($499)

Who is The Blackfire 500W Portable For?

Features of the Blackfire 500W review

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