Unique 3, who were a qutintessential part of the ‘bleep and bass’ movement of the early 90s, have announced the forthcoming release of 33/45, a 45-track retrospective of their storied career.

Showcasing a mixture of classic cuts, lesser-known gems and previously unheard material from the Unique 3 archive, the compilation, which will be released on Originator Sound on 3 October, highlights the myriad of influences that helped forge their sound, including electro, hip hop, reggae, dub, dancehall, acid house and techno. You can pre-order it here.

Seminal tracks include The Theme, the original dubplate mix of Weight for the Bass, a new edit of Reality, dancefloor hip hop jam Musical Melody, electro bleep workout Code 0274, piano house stomper No More and much more.

The 33/45 compilation was put together by Unique 3 lynchpin Edzy, who re-established Unique 3 in 2007 with a new album, tracks from which also feature on 33/45.

As Edzy told 909originals recently, commenting on the birth of the bleep movement, “I don’t know if you could say there was something in the water, or in the air, but there actually weren’t that many people making music at the time. You could probably count them on one hand. We just happened to all know each other, we were cut from the same cloth.

“I think the whole ‘bleep’ thing got quite protective very early on. We’re all friends now, of course, but maybe if we had been smart, and formed more of an alliance, we could have turned it into a thing. But maybe because of where we were, and the fact we all came from nothing, we wanted to keep hold of what we got.”

Read the full interview with Edzy – part one can be found here, and part two here.

As a press release to announce the new album puts it, ‘Breathless and bass-heavy from start to finish, and accompanied by detailed liner notes from Matt Anniss, 33/45 is an impressively diverse set that touches on almost all major developments in UK dance music over the last three decades.

‘Yet as eclectic as it may be, it has one unifying force: the power and weight of proper sub-bass. Given Unique 3’s role in starting the UK bass revolution, you’d expect nothing less.”

33/45 is released on 3 October. You can pre-order it here.

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