Constant change is not only a fact of life but a fact of the entertainment industry. Just as sounds and musical trends come and go, so do great solo acts and groups, despite how impactful and influential they were prior to the fall. 

In the case of the rap duo, Blu and Exile of Los Angles, they’ve managed to stave off Father Time and instead move closer and closer to the coveted lane of timeless.  Joining the ranks of rap groups like Gang Starr, Black Star, Little Brother, A Tribe Called Quest, and others, the duo’s done what few have which is create projects that please their core while evolving their sound.

Fifteen years ago, the pair dropped what would become an instant classic with their debut, Below the Heavens. A coded reference to both the human experience and their place in the music industry, the project revived rap at a time when it was swimming in commercialism.

We had a chance to catch up with the duo to chat life, making it in the industry, and what it takes to release a body of work such as their latest album. All of the following quotes are pulled from that interview in the days leading up to the album’s release. 

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