Blunts vs Joints

Which Do You Prefer?

There are countless ways to enjoy smoking cannabis. You can smoke weed out of a bong or pipe. You can mix ground cannabis with tobacco to make spliffs. You can even ingest your pot through edibles. But no method(s) of getting stoned are more popular, easy, and time efficient than joints and blunts.

I will start this off by saying that it all comes down to personal preference. But I’ve been a cannabis enthusiast for many years at this point, and the majority of the other stoners I bump shoulders with prefer joints and blunts more so than any other method of smoking.

So why are blunts and joints such a preferred way of toke up when you want to smoke?

In this article, we’ll be diving into the differences between joints and blunts, the pros and cons of smoking blunts and joints, and a load of other useful information for both the casual smoker and the serious toker.

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The Blunt Or Joint Experience?

While I can only speak from personal and anecdotal evidence, the experience between these is vastly different (even if the two are relatively close to each other from an outward appearance). But let me drop my thoughts on the matter below so that we can get a bird’s eye view.

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