From 5th – 12th May, Boiler Room’s 4:3 channel will be hosting an online film festival to celebrate Ukrainian filmmaking and artistry during a climate of elimination. 

Curated in collaboration with KyivMusicFilm, the festival brings together 12 films that are soulful and audacious in their exploration of a range of subjects. From underground raves in Ukraine to censored funk music in the 70s. From revising unique folk heritage to breaking ties with the Soviet past.

The programme includes works from award-winning filmmakers such as Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Himey, Nariman Aliev, Ivan Mykolaychuk, Serhii Parajanov and Svitlana Shymko alongside independent short film and documentary makers Olena Newkryta, Nadia Parfan, Maria Stoianova, Oleksandr Kovsh, Anatoliy Sachivko and Yurii Shylov.

With tickets priced at £7, you will have unlimited access to the library of films for the duration of the festival and the money raised will be donated to four grassroots funds: K41, Insight, Zgraya and Vostok SOS.  

The entire programme will be broadcast in a marathon screening commencing 5th May at 11:00 am EEST, with the films available to watch back individually for 1 week.

Price: £7

Money raised will be donated to the following funds: 
Vostok SOS

Dedicated To The Youth Of The World II –– Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Himey
Mustache Funk –– Oleksandr Kovsh
My father is my mother’s brother –– Vadym Ilkov
Vodurudu –– Anatoliy Sachivko
Sensiz  –– Nariman Aliev
Babylon XX –– Ivan Mykolaychuk 
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors –– Serhii Parajanov
Projectionist –– Yurii Shylov
The Fall of Lenin –– Svitlana Shymko 
Heat Singers –– Nadia Parfan
Exarch –– Nadia Parfan and Maria Stoianova
Ruins in Reverse –– Olena Newkryta

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