Boiler Room announces the next round of applications for Broadcast Lab – a grant scheme powering new ideas in the music broadcasting space. Launching in 2021, the grant aims to provide funding and bring new audiences to underrepresented scenes, communities and artists. The winning application will be awarded £10,000 to bring the project to life. Boiler Room will provide additional in-kind support and a full release on their channels. 

Over the years, Broadcast Lab has funded a diverse range of projects including MASISI’s queer carnival in Miami; Nine Nights’ ICA installation on black futurism; Voyage, a multi-genre homage to Chicago music history; Sublimation’s showcase of traditional and contemporary music in Uzbekistan; Sisters of Rave’s celebration of artists from the Northwest and the Atlantic area of the Peninsula; Manila Community Radio’s spotlight on Budots; Belgian label Slagwerk’s showcase of global experiential music and Third Space’s exercise in cross-continental collaborations. The ninth edition of Broadcast Lab recently took place in Rio De Janeiro in collaboration with Festa Wobble – a collective responsible for bringing genres like grime, trap, dubstep, footwork, Jersey club and more to the city. 

From these opportunities, Boiler Room has witnessed the impact the broadcasts can have on the collectives from Third Space becoming a sub-brand within the Boiler Room universe, hosting several stage takeovers at the brand’s annual festival to Sublimation’s local growth which will soon see them host their first festival in Uzbekistan. 

The application for the 10th edition is now live which will be judged by previous winners Sabinē from Sublimation, Pressure Point from MASISI, Shannen SP from Nine Nights & Pikunin from Manila Community Radio. 

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