London producer Bok Bok, real name Alex Sushon, has released a double-EP of instrumental drill as One Bok.

Zodiac Beats 1 & 2 explores themes of solitude, pain, and frustration. It comprises eight tracks—including two short voice note interludes—of densely layered synths and pitch-bending bass fused with glitching hi-hats and robotic percussion. We’re told that the melodies are “menacing and dirge-like,” and “propelled into rhythmic shapes by Effectrix patterns.”

The record comes on Bok Bok’s AP Life, a label he launched earlier this year to “try to bring some of the original DJ and dub-plate culture I grew up with in the grime scene to a new skool of UK 140+ production,” he told Resident Advisor. Unlike Night Slugs, his other label, it’s “really routed in the city, the community, and the world around us.”

In March, Nammy Wams kicked off AP Life with a collection of UK grime instrumentals.


01. KH Voicenote
02. Pisces
03. Capricorn
04. Nine Saturn
05. How Can I Forget
06. RG Voicenote
07. Leo
08. Fifty
09. Melodi
10. When I Start

Zodiac Beats Volume 1 & 2‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ LP is available now. You can stream it in full below and order it here.

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