The magic of music and its ability to inspire and transform is at the heart of a new book by Lee House, a writer renowned for his passion for culture and how it shapes humanity. ‘Listen And You Will Hear Us Singing’ is a compelling re-imagination of iconic Noel Gallagher songs into vivid short stories and poetry. Getting to the heart of what Gallagher felt while writing and what others felt while listening is at the core of the pieces, giving readers the feeling of being in an open conversation with the musician.

Released on the 1st of October, this long-awaited book includes songs from Gallagher’s new album, ‘Council Skies’, submissions from ardent fans and photographs, including a special contribution from renowned music photographer Jill Furmanovsky. Adding to the excitement surrounding the release, fans can pre-order an exclusive bundle and have the opportunity to win a signed limited edition ‘Council Skies’ vinyl and other prizes. A truly unique endeavour, ‘Listen And You Will Hear Us Singing’ has music aficionados waiting with bated breath.

“This project has been a labour of love – both for Noel’s work and in merging my passion for music with storytelling,” says House.

Continuing, “I wanted to bring Noel’s songs to life in a new way, capturing the emotions they evoke and sharing them with others. And in that spirit, a portion of the proceeds will go to Teenage Cancer Trust and Tiny Changes, which is a charity that assists young people with their mental health challenges. I want this book to have meaningful impact on the world, as Noel’s music has had on my life.’

‘Listen And You Will Hear Us Singing’ is available for order now:

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