ØRGΛN C1TY is the debut collection Written by Kahlil Crawford & Illustrated by Mariette Papić.  A treatise on urban futurism & universal subculture, ØC is a statement on underground dance (and) music as “metarhythm”. 
ØRGΛN C1TY illuminates Detroit Techno & UK Drum ‘n Bass as astral conduits for spacetime travel. Designed by Amanda Acevedo, ØC elevates the creative soul toward a lasting utopia. 

“Generations from now it could look like a found artifact of an ancient culturally designed sacred text…an intriguing artwork that renews and refreshes my hope that the future of artistic, intellectual, and moral humanity is in good hands.” ~Mark Blickley

“He has a sensibility – a Rhyme and a Rhythm that makes reading his work enjoyable – whether it’s the Poetry…the essays…all the insights…but it’s also visual, it’s a whole concept…it’s a Piece of Art.” ~Jannae Jordan

Available @ Blurb Books & Google Play.

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