Here, Paula Wolfe discusses gendered notions of creativity and examines the significant under-representation of women in studio production. Wolfe brings an invaluable perspective as both a working artist-producer and as a scholar, thereby offering a new body of research based on interviews and first-hand observation. Wolfe demonstrates that patriarchal frameworks continue to form the backbone of the music industry establishment but that women’s work in the creation and control of sound presents a potent challenge to gender stereotyping marginalisation, and containment of women’s achievements that is still in evidence in music marketing practices and media representation in the digital era. ©2019, 224 pages


1.The Music Industry and Gender

2. Music Production and Gender

3. Self-production, Music technology and Gender

4.New Industry and Gender

5. Media Representation and Gender

“A fascinating and timely book that explores the role of female producers in the music industry – both as DIY artists and in commercial studios. Wolfe reveals through in-depth interviews and analysis that female producers are a growing community, but they are still under-represented in the media, and marginalised by a music press that ignores their work amid a gendered discourse appealing to a male audience. An artist-producer herself, Wolfe presents a crucial insider view. Read it now!” – Lucy O’Brien, author of She Bop: The definitive history of women in popular music (2013)

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