Introducing “The Take Away”, the second novel from Scottish Author and DJ, DJ DRIBBLER. “The Take Away” is a sequel to his first book “Harry’s Kebabs,” which was released in 2019 and has since gone on to achieve cult classic status from thousands of readers worldwide.

Self-published and promoted, the original book “Harry’s Kebabs” has seen nearly every reader send in a picture of themselves with the book in various locations around the world, from 100 metres below the North Sea to the Austrian Alps, The Canadian Rockies, Snowholes in the Cairngorms, Bondi Beach, Australia, NASA Space Centres and hundreds of back gardens.

“Harry’s Kebabs” was featured at the prestigious Pikes Literary Festival 2020 in Ibiza, Spain at the world-famous Pikes Hotel

 “The Take Away” picks up exactly where “Harry’s Kebabs” finished and left off.

The same five characters, including a pool hustler, a photographic memory, a beggar by choice, a psychopathic erstwhile seaman and a pirate radio mastermind need to leave London to lie low. This goes as well as we could expect from our five, loveable heroes with such questionable lifestyle choices.

The lads head north to Scotland up the UK motorway system, causing chaos everywhere they go. On the way they meet new characters, who bring more life and mad japes to the story and interact with our heroes to form symbiotic relationships. They fit in just perfectly with a wide range of classic new characters, including Rotary Club members, Guerilla warfare experts and Fetish Night promoters.

The book is a road trip and forges ahead with the same style, wit and momentum previously seen in the original “Harry’s Kebabs.” DJ Dribbler applies the same theories and methods to his writing as he would a DJ set, understanding the ebb and flow of momentum and keeping the reader gripped and interested, just like he would on a dancefloor or radio performance.

The book is further result of the memoirs from a number of years DJing at underground parties the length of the UK and throughout Europe, North America, The Caribbean and Japan. DJ Dribbler has lived in all the respective places and worked as a DJ for the last 30 years.

Previous to writing, DJ Dribbler was one of the four DJs at the world-famous Edinburgh club, “PURE” and tour DJ for the techno band “ORBITAL” during the mid to late 90s. He most recently held a four-year residency in the much respected and infamous “Red Light Radio” in the bosom of Amsterdam’s Red Light Area. 

He lived in New York for 10 years, DJing all over the States, Japan for one year promoting and the Dominican Republic for four years where he started writing seriously to document his experiences.

His first book was written originally as a way to recall experiences from the 90s which he shared with a friend who developed severe dementia. These recollections were intended to help his friend but he soon realised his essays and articles were good enough and long enough, to become a book.

DJ Dribbler appeared in the Grand Theft Auto game series for Rockstar Games as the character “Percy” from “Lovefist.” He then went on to appear in “Liberty City”, “San Andreas” and “Red Dead Redemption”.

His first novel “Harry’s Kebabs” has received top reviews on Amazon and featured in DJ Magazine, Mixmag, Ransom Note, while also being reviewed by many top international DJs and writers.

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