Boss RC-505 MkII Loop review

Boss released the RC-505 Loop Station about ten years ago. It was a new take on looping, with five stereo tracks, effects, plenty of memory, and reliable MIDI synchronization that could allow for, at the time, pretty excellent creative opportunities for live performers. Its large buttons and tabletop format differed from other looping pedals with small metal buttons and were designed only for guitarists. As such, it quickly becomes one of the go-to loopers for s street performers and other types of live performance mediums. 

Boss updated it a few years ago by increasing the memory and adding more effects and remote control abilities. A lot of people were pleased with these changes, but many others deemed it as being too little too late.

Enter the BOXX RC-505 MK2…

The BOSS RC-505 Mk2 loop station has been upgraded with new features to improve performance and creativity, making it a powerful house player in the world of loo-based live performance. Whether you play multiple instruments, sing, beatbox, or perform any other loop type, the BOSS RC-505 Mk2 will help you create extraordinary live and on-the-fly sounds.


Boss RC-505 MkII Loop unboxing

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