Bad Colours is a London-born, Maryland-raised multi-instrumentalist with a unique take on a classic sound.

Leveraging his exceeding talents in everything from songwriting to instrumentation, his house-infused beats have garnered serious attention over the past year. 

It all started with the release of his critically acclaimed 2021 debut LP, “PINK.” His breakout single on the album was “Feelin’ Like,” was featured on the hit Netflix movie “Spiderhead,” and was also licensed to Best Buy ads, Hulu’s “Woke,” and was included in some of the biggest TikToks and playlists of the year.

And with the release of his latest single, “Maybe I Should Move To LA,” we decided it was high time we catch up to this talented producer and pick his brain about why he decided to stay in Brooklyn after almost pulling the trigger on the move out to LA. 

Find Out More About Bad Colour’s Latest Single Here And Stream It Below

How much do you think where you live affects your sound as a musician? How do you think your sound would change if you ever left Brooklyn?

I spent some of my childhood moving around, and all the places I’ve lived play a big role in the music I make. 

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