Cannabis For Focus

Have you ever used cannabis to boost your focus? 

While cannabis is known for its ability to help you relax, what many people don’t know is that cannabis can also be helpful for focus and concentration. This article will dive into the science of using weed to focus and look at which weed strains are best for focus.

Article Highlights

  • Cannabis affects cerebral blood flow and the dopaminergic system, so there are various mechanisms by which cannabis could impact focus.
  • Many people use CBD for focus. People who are chronically stressed may find more focus-enhancing benefits from anti-inflammatory cannabinoids like CBD than others.
  • Terpenes are another mechanism by which cannabis could enhance focus. Different cannabis strains have different ratios of terpenes, which explains why Sativa strains are considered suitable for focusing, while Indica strains are believed to be better for relaxing.

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