captain chords bundle review

Captain Plugins make songwriting pretty damn simply (in a good way)

Mixed In Key recently released a new suite of plugins designed to make your time in the studio more effective.

The Captain 5 Bundle includes five unique plugins that help generate musical ideas easily by working together to develop sketches quickly. Using these tools, you can write chord progressions in Captain Chords which then help dictate the Captain Deep before moving on to Captain Melody to write an infectious earworm.

Some of the biggest artists in the world, the Zedds and Diplos, are using the plugins that Mixed In Key has designed. So let’s find out how the rest of the plugs measure up.

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What Is Included In The Captain 5 Bundle

  • Captain Chords. Use this plugin to create the framework of your track. It allows for quick voicing changes on the chords and allows you to add complexity to the progression with just a few clicks.
  • Captain Deep. This plugin helps create groovy low-end bass lines that are effective and minimal. Often relying on the input of the chord progression, this plugin can quickly create bass lines that make sense.
  • Captain Melody. This plugin allows for key-locked melody creation that helps you churn our ideas efficiently.
  • Captain Beat. This simple plugin has hundreds of drum presets quickly for loops to add rhythm and groove to your tunes. IT even helps create drum fills out of the samples you’re using!
  • Captain Play. This plugin brings it all together and allows you to create complex musical ideas on the fly instantly.

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