A Carl Cox mix is always a special experience, his dancefloor sensibility and innate musicality, sense of groove and funk come together in a way that no other DJ can replicate. And, when he chose the challenge of mixing together the diverse range of releases from ASW last year we knew something unique and special was going to come out of it! 

Listening to Carl’s mix of 25 tracks from 25 artists really highlights the range of talent and diversity of output from the Awesome Soundwave family. Each of these live electronic artists brings their unique voice to the label with artists ranging from afrohouse act Digital Afrika to experimental electronic house artist Stimming, from the legendary and prolific Robert Babicz to the spiritual explorer and player of modded toys Giorgia Anjiuli, and from the french superstar Vitalic to the underground live concept artist Hybrasil, they each bring a flavour that is unique and diverse and yet, they come together through the love of live electronic performance and production. 

Now, Carl has brought us all together with this mega mix of exclusively ASW releases. 

Some, like Marc Romboy and Andre Winter’s amazing remix of An On Bast’s “Climb the Tree” are brand new.. Other tracks, like Christopher Coe’s “My Dark Materials” would initially seem unmixable due to it’s dark and uncompromising improvised form.

There are some special treats along the way like the mysterious Klauss Tejger’ “FIRE!!” .. an acid banger from an artist that we still know nothing about! (they anonymously delivered a whole swag of amazing stuff that we are planning on releasing as the year progresses)

Every artist on the label is represented here and we are so proud to have them all as part of the ever growing family. Carl has given them all a warm embrace with this deep, funky and beautifully curated mix. We start the year with this and we welcome you to come with us as we dance our way into 2024 with many new and amazing records lining up to come your way! 

ASW is Live, mixed by Carl Cox is a testament to the curation and care taken by Carl and Christopher to build a label that really does transcend genres. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy putting this together for you. 

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Track Listing:

1. Ehsan Gelsi – Take me to your leader

2. Julien Chaptal – To Be Ob

3. An On Bast – Climb the tree (Marc Romboy remix)

4. Harmonik Kontrol – Pablo Assan

5. Hannes Bieger – Poem for the Planet ( Christopher Coe remix)

6. Marc Romboy – Gangwon

7. De Sluwe Vos – Subterranean Cloud

8. Christopher Coe – My Dark Materials

9. Charlie Thorstenson – Handlingskraft

10. Robert Babicz – Magic Club Nights

11. Hannes Bieger – Pacana

12. Giorgia Anguili  – Purple Eye

13. Stimming – DFAM on the Field

14. Momec – Wormhole

15. Hybrasil – Tailtiu

16. Mat Playford – Shifu

17. Honeysmack – Fortunate

18. Digital Afrika – Lavapies

19. Monolith – Cowdry

20. Vitalic – And it goes like

21. Cox and Coe – Nocturnal (Rebuke Edit)

22. Klauss Tejger – FIRE!

23. Nancy Live – Cressick

24. Jani Ho – Angry Minimal

25. Saytek – Non Stop

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