Techno titan Carl Craig has unveiled a new rework of his 1990 track From Beyond, recorded under his Psyche alias, on an EP that also features remixes from Seth Troxler, Ataxia and Admn.

The EP is available this week on Planet E Communications, and can be downloaded/streamed here.

From Beyond originally appeared on the Crack Down EP, released on Transmat Records, one of a series of releases that Detroit native Craig put out under his Psyche alter ego, which embodied a more stripped-back approach to his work as 69 or Paperclip People.

As a press release puts it, ‘The year is 1990. Techno’s second generation has begun to permeate the globe leading a young Carl Craig to a tiny village in the countryside of Belgium. It is here, undistracted and determined to break out, that Craig encounters one of the country’s only drum machines, an Alesis controlled midi-808. In a single session he composes and mixes a handful of records that are still to this day regarded as some of his most raw and explosive contributions to the fabric of electronic music history.’

As well as the From Beyond (C2 2023 Mix), the EP sees Seth Troxler bring a subdued acid tinge to the package, while Planet E regular Ataxia pays homage to the source material with a renewed percussive energy, followed by a soulful rework by Admn.

Craig has been busy of late, putting together a sound and light installation for Los Angeles’ MOCA and having just curated a soundtrack tracing electronic music’s lineage for The Shed’s new spherical concert hall experience, Sonic Sphere.

Main Photo: Carl Craig deejaying at MOCA’s 2nd Annual Gala Dance Party on April 15, 2023. Courtesy of The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Photo by Zack Whitford,

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