Casio Privia PX-S7000

Casio has unveiled its new line of products: the premium Privia digital pianos PX-S7000, PX-S6000, and PX-S5000. The new lineups feature finishes and colors with a stylish design that looks great in any modern living space.

Let’s look at some of the most exciting features the new line of Casio keyboards will include in the Casio px-s7000 digital piano. The PX-S7000 is available in mustard, white, and black, with prices starting at $2,099.

What Is Coming With The Casio PX-S7000

The Privia range has three sampled pianos: Privia Grand Hamburg, Privia Grand New York, and Privia Grand Berlin. You can try and test the perfect tone with its advanced acoustic simulator, which replicates the nuances of a real grand piano. These include string resonance, damper resonance, open string resonance, aliquot resonance, key action, and damper noise.

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