Catching Flies dropped a slice of his forthcoming album, Tides with the release of his title track, Tides. Establishing a strong partnership with string arranger Thomas Lea (Adele/ Bonobo/ Rhye), the album contains ever-evolving tracks, after fine-tuning his already stellar creative process and sound, witnessing a more mature and self-assured artist. 

The jewel in the crown of this project, combines live instrumentation with glowing electronic beats. The producer says, “In the last few years, I’ve observed this oscillation between things being happy and sad in my own life. I always knew the album would end on Tides – it leaves it in a more hopeful place. Nothing’s ever permanent.” 

An avid collector, Catching Flies has a penchant for taking small fragments of sound and glueing them together in a wonderful collage process: “Sometimes I’ll just sample one note from a song I liked, and then I’ll manipulate it until it feels far removed from the original song but I know that one note has a history and story that is far greater than myself“. The use of varied micro-samples makes the album a collectively rich listen, as he combines the mundane with the unexpected while making sure to never overdo it. Catching Flies skillfully incorporates elements within his tracks, demonstrating that the effectiveness of his music extends beyond what is included to what is intentionally omitted. By seamlessly weaving strings into his refined process, he imparts an emotional human touch, setting him apart from the conventional electronic stylings of his contemporaries.

“This album is all about ebbs and flows. It’s been a very interesting few years to say the least, both personally and in terms of the world. I always kept coming back to the concept of tides, the cyclical nature of everything and the way sadness gives way to happiness… and vice versa. It all works out in the end though… and regardless of what’s happening, the sea is still there, a constant in the madness.’ – Catching Flies

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