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CD Baby artists will gain discounted access to Groover’s robust network of music industry professionals, curators, record labels, managers, mentors, media outlets, playlists, radio stations, and more, thanks to this partnership.

Groover supports over 2,000 active media outlets, radios, and labels on the platform, resulting in more than 2 million pieces of feedback, 400k+ shares (reviews, playlist ads, etc.), and 1,000+ signatures on record labels.

What Are The Benefits Of CD Baby?

CD Baby artists receive a 15% discount on their first campaign on Groover and low cost of entry for future campaigns. Artists will benefit from Groover’s network and 7-day feedback guarantee, exclusive priority customer support, and placement on Groover’s new Spotify playlist exclusively for CD Baby artists. 

Through this partnership, Groover users will receive one free release through CD Baby and a 40% discount on CD Baby distribution in perpetuity.

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