certified lover boy sample

“Champagne Poetry” was released on September 3rd of, 2021 and was the leading single off Drake’s album Certified Lover Boy

And as with many raps, hip-hop, and RnB songs, the track’s foundations are built on samples from other pieces throughout history. These samples are often glanced over by the average listener who assumes that it is likely the producer, in this case, Noah ’40’ Shebib, that produced the track from top to bottom. But this couldn’t be further from the case.

So let’s dive into the two primary samples from which Drake’s ‘Champagne Poetry” derives its sound and some other fun facts you may not have known about the release. 

The Champagne Poetry Sample(s)

This track starts with the iconic vocal sample that Drake pulled to use as a sample in his single. The repetitive chants ‘I love you, I love you” are instantly recognizable and act as a leading intro section of the single. 

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