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Dance music and EDM have their roots in sample culture, where one artist takes stems and bits of their favorite artists in their music. The practice goes back decades and is so ingrained in what dance music is today that we might not even recognize that some of the most popular records of the day are entirely built off samples ripped from past generations.

Plastik Funk and YouNotUs’s latest release, ‘Make A Living,’ is one such record…

And with this fantastic track hitting the airwaves, we decided we would sit down with the producers to get their insider’s perspectives on what other records were built off of secret, or not-so-secret, samples. They came back with an extensive list of some of the biggest samples in the game, so let’s stop killing time and dive into the list.

Stream ‘Make A Living’ Below

The track is a high-energy club smasher with a low-pounding bass line and energetic synth blasts that scream for peak-time DJ play. It has all the elements needed to be a hit track of this genre and is certainly something to listen to before it gets into heavy rotation in the global club scene.

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