Off the back of re-releasing his 1997 debut album ‘Far From The Maddening Crowds’ with all-new Evolution Mixes, legendary electronic music producer Chicane is launching a full-fledged, sample-based music-making contest. Hosted in tandem with Tracklib and dance music label Armada Music, the competition commemorates the 25th anniversary of his debut album as well as the fact that Chicane’s music is now available on the platform for sampling.

With an official release on Armada Music on the table for the best submission, the sample competition is a golden opportunity for producers from all over the world to gain a career-furthering foothold in the highly competitive dance music scene. Participants are invited to sample Chicane’s classic songs to create new music, for which Tracklib is offering a special (and exclusive) sign-up trial that includes 15 free downloads from their 100.000-song catalog. The competition’s full ruleset can be found at

“I’m excited to see what people can do now that I’ve made these samples available through Tracklib. In some way, it’s like passing the baton,” Chicane says.

“Dance music has always been about sampling and re-using existing material, but offering music pre-cleared for sampling is a big leap,” Michel Peek, Head of Publishing at Armada Music, says. “We find it inspiring Chicane is so forward-thinking and we’re curious to hear how Tracklib’s talent pool will use his repertoire.”

“Chicane is one of the founding innovators of modern trance, Balearic house and ambient house,” Pär Almqvist, Tracklib’s co-founder & CCO, adds. “We’re very excited to make his seminal music available for sampling on Tracklib, and can’t wait to hear what our community of talented music producers will create based on his music. As a part of adding Chicane’s music to Tracklib, we couldn’t resist setting up a competition together with his star-studded label, Armada Music. First prize in the competition is to get an official release on Armada Music – a dream come true for any talented music producer!”

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