German electronica and visual artist, producer and live act Christian Löffler has secured a unique position for himself in the electronic music scene by conjuring the forces of nature in his melodic strain of techno and immersive live performances. It would be hard to find a country in which Löffler hasn’t performed, he has graced the stages of sold-out concert halls and headlined festivals all around the world, bringing to audiences all the calmness and luminance of his audio-visual shows. After a last couple of years that saw the artist engage in several collaborative projects ranging from experimental productions to reworks of luminaries of classical music, Löffler announces the release of an independent track, aptly named “Solo”.

“Solo” pulls on Christian Löffler’s early-career works, a sound that weaves the thumping and the heart-tugging seamlessly in a production tapestry that’s become synonymous with the musician. Combining driving beats and climaxing arrangements with subtle vocals and field recordings, Löffler shows time and again that the dancefloor isn’t just for dancing – it’s also a space for deep emotions and contemplation. “I associate this track with movement, running and springtime. It’s all about becoming free from boundaries. I didn’t want to dictate which equipment I used for it, everything should be allowed, ” says the artist who, for the track, combined recordings of his own voice and knocks on a wooden table, to passages on the piano and synthesizer. As Löffler makes a comeback to the club with “Solo”, he also returns to the studio on the Darß where he previously recorded his 2012 and 2014 albums A Forest and Young Alaska respectively. “It feels good to go back and to feel and understand why it is that you do what you do, and why you do it!”

“Solo” will come out via Ki Records on 6th April.

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