Christian Löffler has shared a new single called “Roused.”

On “Roused,” featuring singer Malou, the German musician brings together powerful, punchy, and dreamy sonic musings to do what he does best: convey emotions.

Löffler’s driving beats are softened by Malou’s laid-back singing style. Vocals, beats, and arousing, spine-tingling textures climax together in the track, exploding in feelings of freedom and exhilaration.

“‘Roused’ marks a new beginning for me. It captures the transition into a more positive, hopeful sonic realm. It symbolizes the awakening of a sound that has resided within me for a long time but has seldom been employed in recent times,” Löffler says.

The track is the first taste of a new album called A Life, on which Löffler questions the influence of AI in music and his musical journey.

On creating his new material, Löffler says: “I wanted to forget the idea of polishing or perfection and really just make something very human, with passion, impulsiveness, and even mistakes.”

He adds: “With the new album, I wanted to free myself completely from all possible structures or rules. I was coming back to my roots and my teenage times when creating the music was all about having fun and nothing more.”

Growing up in Graal, the picturesque German outpost set on the Baltic coast has undoubtedly shaped Löffler’s work, whether it be a conscious effort or not. You can read more about him in his XLR8R studio feature here and his podcast here.


01. Roused feat. Malou

“Roused” is scheduled for December 8 release on Ki Records. A Life will land in April 2024.

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