Coachella is predominantly filled with happy, fun-loving, peaceful, like-minded souls. Some may be in an elevated state of pill-induced euphoria, others may be swimming in alcohol drenched love, while many are drunk with excitement for their favorite bands. Mix this up with an excellent Coachella security force, on-site police and EMT presence and your time frolicking in the festival will be a safe and amazing experience…but there is and can be a dark side…

We love our readers and we love our scene so check out our list of “Do’s & Don’ts”

COACHELLA 2022 cellphone theft
Photo by CDC on Unsplash
COACHELLA 2022 DO'S & DONT'S friends stick together
2022 Coachella Do's & Don'ts - Don't get too wasted
2022 COACHELLA DO'S & DON'TS - don't accept drugs from strangers
2022 COACHELLA DO'S & DON'TS - festival romance
2022 COACHELLA DO'S & DON'TS - do not share drinks
2022 COACHELLA DO'S & DON'TS - don't make out with everyone
2022 COACHELLA DO'S & DON'TS - don't go to an afterparty by yourself
2022 COACHELLA DO'S & DON'TS - do not walk alone to the parking lot
2022 COACHELLA DO'S & DON'TS - if someone needs help, don't film, HELP THEM
2022 COACHELLA DO'S & DON'TS - don't be ashamed to scream for help

And there you have it, our Coachella Do’s & Don’ts list for everyone to memorize. By following these simple common sense rules, please be assured that you WILL have an amazing life-changing experience at one of the greatest festivals on the planet. But remember that it’s always good to know what’s up…because “knowing is half the battle.”

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