If you’re anything like me, and I know you are because you are here already thinking about when Coachella 2023 will be, you’re already counting down the days until we can all reunite in Indio. 

When will the next Coachella be? 

What should I wear?

How much will it cost?!

Who will be the headliners?!?!

These are all common questions that even I, as a professional member of the media, would kill to get my hands on as early as possible. 

But unfortunately, we’re in this boat together (… at least for now)

Coachella has kept most of it’s secrets quite close to its chest for the time being and not much information has been released. But what little information I was able to find, I have left here for you dear reader. 

But rest assured, this will be updated on a near-weekly basis with any and all information pertaining to when Coachella will start next year. 

What We Know Don’t Know Yet About The Next Coachella

The sad reality is that we don’t know the answers to the most important questions we know you’re asking. But hey, we can make some predictions right?!

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