Coloray Shares Remix Package Ahead of App Launch

Coloray Shares Remix Package

Dutch producer, visionary artist and forward-looking creative artist Coloray launches a uniquely experimental remix package ahead of one of his most exciting projects to date. 

Evidently an artist with a multi-layered approach to music and marketing, his 2021 album Future Static featured a heavily conceptual visual accompaniment, based on “the concept of man and computer creating a new reality where logic and emotion seem to be at odds with one another.” – It’s an idea he’s taking even further with the launch of a VR App this Spring. 

Users can preview the aesthetic style of the app with the new music video for ‘Face of Value’ below

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The remix package starts with a pulsating piece of breakbeat techno in the form of Baril’s remix of ‘Broken Mirrors’ – a deep and emotive piece that uses the vocals to provide a melodic accompaniment to a deep groove. 

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